Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello! :3 there was an update btw for today, Click here to see my post about it on everything AJ. Anyway, I will post about Panda Plushies! These plushies, of course, resemble a panda. They can be won in the Claw or by trading. The Panda Claw was recently sold in the diamond shop for 3 diamonds. In the panda claw, u could only win panda plushies (small ones). There is a Giant Panda Plushie that isn't sold in the diamond shop, Click here to learn more about giant plushies not sold in diamond shop! Here are all of the Panda Plushies
The pink, green, and yellow ones are the hardest of the panda plushies to win in the claw machine. There is also a Red Panda Plushie that is won when a jammer completes the Journey Book for Mt.Shiveer.
There is also an Epic Panda Plushie. Here is a graphic of a panda plushie....
Idk who made this graphic, i just found it on google. So credit to who took dis :3. Waaaal, Adios :3

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hey everyone. Sorry i havent posted for like, a gazillion years. (lol actually only like a week) Well, today I am going to post about Rare Giant Lion Plushies. This fun looking plushie was the monthly member gift of February 2012. They look exactly like those sold in the Diamond Shop, but when seen in a jammer's trade list or inventory, they have the "Rare" plaque on them.
If you want to recycle this, it recycles for 1000 gems, but srsly, who would recycle it?!  They come in these 10 colors: yellow, brown, red, green, blue, black, white, tan, purple, and pink. These items are of course members only and can go in Land Dens. These items are worth a few decent den betas. I dont have any of these, but would luv to have one! Adios jammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hey! Sorry I haven't been posting... i have been really busy. Anyway lets talk about Giant Plushies! (not sold in diamond shop) Currently, there are 2 ways to get these plushies. You can win them in the Forgotten Dessert or you can get them by trading. A while ago, these marvelous plushies where sold in the Conversation Museum, in Appondale for 2,000 gems each. You cannot purchase these items there anymore, just hats. There is one of these items that is non-member. The one item nms can use is the Giant Raccoon Plushie. The other ones are all members-only! There is currently a giant seal, fox, croc, raccoon, wolf, panda, giraffe, koala, monkey, horse, elephant, bunny, tiger, rhino and penguin plushie. Like i said earlier, these are not sold in the Diamond Shop. There is one other Giant Plushie that is still availible to members. This is the Black Giant Wolf Plushie witch is availible in Epic Wonders for 2,000 gems. This item is wearing a tophat and a monocle. Hope that was informative!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hey guys. Sorry for this super duper late post! I dont have alot of time, so I going to do part 1 of this subject today and part 2 tommorrow. Like I said yesterday, I'm going to be doing a post about Giant Plushies! Today's part one is all about Giant Plushies found in the diamond shop! Each one of these spectacular plushies can be found in the Diamond Shop for only 1 diamond! You can quickly earn that one diamond by typing in the code "twelve" the next time you log on to animal jam. Almost all of these plushies are member's, but one is non member. The non member one is the Giant Kangaroo Plushie. Here is a pic of all the Giant Plushies sold in the Diamond Shop!

They are all Color Changable and are based on some animals that are sold in the Diamond Shop. The Lion one was actually a monthly member gift a while ago, I'll post on that later. Anyway, these items are very cool and cheap! I really love these items! Oh, and the Crocodile Claw is availible in the Diamond Shop for 3 gems and the Panda Claw has left. Cya jammers!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today I'm gonna post about the Claw Machine! You can win almost every plushie in the claw machine. It was once a monthly member gift, and it is now a rare item worth betas and rares. You can win exclusive Phantom plushies in the Monthly Member gift claw, and you cannot get Phantom Plushies in the normal Claw that is found in the arcade. You can only get small plushies based on animals in the claw in the arcade, but you can get some exclusive ones! There currently are not any Claw's that came win you a Giant Plushie, that would be a pawsome update though! There are some parties that have a claw machine that can only get u a certain type of plushie, though. 2 of these parties are Wolve's Only Party, and Monkeys Only Party!

Recently, these claws that can only get you one type of Animal plushie have been sold in the Diamond shop for 3 diamonds each! The Diamond Shop currently carries the Panda Claw, witch you can only win panda plushies in. I think now that i started this blog, Im gonna try to get all of the claws. I currently have 3. Anyway, this is the very last day you can purchase your Panda Claw! I purchased mine! Anyway, all of the claws that have been sold are: Bunny claw, horse claw, wolf claw, panda claw, monkey claw, tiger claw. And, tomorrow's post is gonna be all about Giant Plushies, so be sure to come in tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Welcome jammers to Animal Jam Plushies! I decided to create this blog because I had recently taken an interest in Plushies! My main blog, Everything Animal Jam, is probably still gonna be the most viewed of the 2, if you would like to get to Everything Animal Jam just CLICK HERE! I will try to post every day I can! I am still toying around with this blog, and I will soon try to create some epic pages for jammers to explore! Have fun!